Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dutchguts / Ubasute split 7''

Northern New Jersey is a hotbed for underground music and it's only getting better. Recently Dutchguts teamed up with Ubasute to produce an ear-splitting combination of stoner metal and grind. The five track split contains two new Dutchguts tracks, including a painstakingly sludgy cover of Townes Van Zandt's "Nothin", as well as 3 new songs from Ubasute. Both bands deliver an agonizing sound feeding fuel to the fire that's been burning in Montclair's punk and metal scene for quite some time.  The split is available for free download on bandcamp and is expected to be released on 7'' vinyl September 20th 2013. Dutchguts also just kicked off a  tour with Ides so check for shows in your area. Links for Tour dates as well as download links are available below.

Dutchguts / Ides Tour Dates


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Selfish - Life Has No Vacant Time [2013 LP]

Selfish are a hardcore punk band from Finland who's Newest LP "Life Has No Vacant Time" was released on Feral Ward, a U.S. based label ran by Yannick from His Hero Is Gone/Tragedy. Pulverizing d-beat and thrashing riffs in every track. This is Selfish's first full length since the epic LP "Burning Sensation" released in 2001 on HG Fact and Feral Ward.

"Life Has No Vacant Time" continues the thrashing punk "Burning Sensation" ended with. More insane riffs and the same d-beat drumming you expect from these Finnish punks, in the vain of Death Side, Crude, and Gauze. Japanese-style Finnish hardcore? Sign me up...

I found out about this band in 2005 when they headlined a Hellshock show in Brooklyn. Never heard of them at the time but been listening ever since. These guys play some filthy riffs, do not pass on this album; it is flawless.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Coliseum - Sister Faith

Coliseum are back with a bang, a "Fuzzbang" actually... Sister Faith is the latest offering from this Louisville trio, released in April of 2013 by Temporary Residence Limited (US), Holy Roar Records (UK) & Daymare (Japan).With a killer resume including the staple album No Salvation released in 2007 on Relapse, Coliseum have maintained a good blend of heavy rock, punk and indie since 2003. Needless to say, they've came a long way since recording albums off of 8 tracks in a garage. The new album is a collection of 13 tracks, Ryan Patterson cranks out Sunn amp-rattling,  fuzz-cranking riffs while belting out his trademark vocals.  Their style has progressed over time into that signature Coliseum sound, the aggression, heaviness and raw power bleeds through without any sacrifice. The band is following up the release of Sister Faith with a massive European and US tour with plans to tour the US again with Pelican in November.  The tracks "Fuzzbang", "Black Magic Punks" & "Doing Time" are available to stream on Coliseum's Bandcamp and a full list of tour dates is available on their Below is the official video for the new track "Doing Time", Enjoy!

Against Me! - True Trans [New Acoustic EP Stream]

True Trans is the latest release from the Floridian Four piece Against me! The self-released EP is a precursor to their highly anticipated upcoming Full Length Gender Dysphoria Blues. Lead singer Laura Jane Grace wrote the two song EP, the band's first since Grace came out as a transsexual woman about a year ago, changing both her name (formerly Tom Gabel), as well as her gender. Blending Grace's enthusiastic vocals and sing-along-style lyrics with the soft strum of her acoustic guitar and capo,  these two tracks are undeniably passionate and emotional in all the right places, nostalgic of the band's earlier style. The comically titled opening track,  "FuckMyLIfe666", opens a window into Grace's personal transition and journey into womanhood. She shouts, "Is your mother proud of your eyelashes? Silicone dress and collagen Lips How will you even recognize me?" The six minute EP is then concluded by "True Trans Soul Rebel", a proud tune with a catchy melody and meaningful lyricsBallads written about true life experiences always pack the biggest punch, True Trans gives nuance to this personal form of writing and offers their listeners a more intimate connection.  The two track EP is the first acoustic album to be released by this once all-acoustic group since 2001. With a new lineup and a developing sound that ranges from anarcho folk punk to electric heavy rock, the anticipation grows to hear just what the group has in store. The EP is available for free download on the band's official website in exchange for an email adress. Dates for Laura Jane Grace's upcoming tour are available below as well as a stream of the new EP. As for Against Me!, they will be playing Riot Fest Chicago & Denver in September. Stay tuned for the new album!

“Laura Jane Grace Sings The Transgender Dysphoria Blues” 2013 Tour Dates:
08/10 – Philadelphia, PA @ MilkBoy
08/11 – Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
08/13 – Providence, RI @ Fete Lounge
08/14 – Washington, DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel
08/15 – Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory
08/16 – New York, NY @ The Bowery Ballroom

Haapoja - Haapoja (2013)

Haapoja are a relatively new hardcore project from Finland. With only a demo released in 2011, I wasn't sure what to expect from this self-released full length. this groovy blackened hardcore outfit incorporates guitar licks reminiscent of bands like Melechesh, Deathspell Omega, and Cobalt. Catchy, long, drawn out riffs thrown around each track with relentless drums that  will keep your head nodding the entire album. These young guys take a unique spin on the late surge of blackened hardcore, similar to North Carolina's Young And In The Way. Experimental in nature, highly recommended, album is available for name-your-price on the band's bandcamp, link below. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Coffins - Colossal Hole [Now Available On Limited 10'' Vinyl]

In early July we saw the release of The Fleshland, the  latest full length from Japanese doom freaks Coffins. Three tracks off the LP are now being re-released on a limited 10'' by HORROR PAIN GORE DEATH RECORDS. Colossal Hole  is a pre-production demo --which was originally pressed on tape--  containing  the brutality of The Fleshland delivered in a more raw, punishing recording than previously heard. Along with artwork done by their guitarist Uchino,  the demo comes with two hand numbered movie tickets and FUCKING BARF BAGS making this one of the most unique and doomy albums of the year.

The Fleshland can be purchased on CD/DLP directly from Relapse Records. Colossal Hole is available from Horror Pain Gore Death Records for a limited time. This album is Limited to 500 copies so get them while they last!!!

WARNING: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and Coffins assume no responsibility for health problems that may arise while entering the Colossal Hole..

Download The Fleshland

Download Colossal Hole

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Morne Release New Album "Shadows"

Massachusetts crust doom band Morne just revealed their latest LP Shadows. Released by Profound Lore Records, Shadows compiles four long, epic, atmospheric tracks each exceeding well  over eight minutes long. The band's sound has evolved over time and  Shadows is a good semblance of this, Profound Lore Comments :

"With 'Shadows,' the band’s third monolithic release, Morne have created their darkest and bleakest album yet. Known for creating a conjuncture where massive atmosphere aligns itself with vicious crust, colossal doom, and a touch of post rock and psychedelia, 'Shadows' sees the band strip their sound back a bit more to deliver a more meticulous and introverted offering while taking their cinematic heaviness to the next level."

To be officially released on July 23rd, Shadows is available to order directly from Profound Lore, it's also available to stream in full via pitchfork for a limited time. Links to order and stream below. Track listing for Shadows goes as follows:

1. Coming Of Winter [8:58]
2. A Distance [12:15]
3. New Dawn [12:42]
4. Shadows [8:48]

Order "Shadows" Directly from Profound Lore

Stream In Full