Friday, July 19, 2013

Coffins - Colossal Hole [Now Available On Limited 10'' Vinyl]

In early July we saw the release of The Fleshland, the  latest full length from Japanese doom freaks Coffins. Three tracks off the LP are now being re-released on a limited 10'' by HORROR PAIN GORE DEATH RECORDS. Colossal Hole  is a pre-production demo --which was originally pressed on tape--  containing  the brutality of The Fleshland delivered in a more raw, punishing recording than previously heard. Along with artwork done by their guitarist Uchino,  the demo comes with two hand numbered movie tickets and FUCKING BARF BAGS making this one of the most unique and doomy albums of the year.

The Fleshland can be purchased on CD/DLP directly from Relapse Records. Colossal Hole is available from Horror Pain Gore Death Records for a limited time. This album is Limited to 500 copies so get them while they last!!!

WARNING: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and Coffins assume no responsibility for health problems that may arise while entering the Colossal Hole..

Download The Fleshland

Download Colossal Hole

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