Friday, June 21, 2013

Mutual Assured Destruction - 2013 North East Crusade CD-R [NY Warcrust]

Since 2003 Mutual Assured Destruction have played an active part in the New York punk scene and anarchist community. Throughout the years their sound has grown increasingly heavy and unique. They've recorded multiple albums, splits and comps under various labels such as Warcrust, Profane Existence and Contagium.  MAD are currently on tour with No More Victims and they just released a new CD entitled "2013 North East Crusade". The album consists of six tracks, five of which are re-recorded from the 2012 4-way split with No More Victims, Nerve Gas Attak and Exshitstence "Stoner Punx Against Christ". The new album opens up with "Massive Alcoholic Devestation", one of the best MAD acronyms to date, and is concluded by a new track entitled "Keep The Faith". With a crushingly heavy d-beat sound and powerful lyrical themes about destabilizing religious oppression, overthrowing the government, and chugging one-hundred sixty proof vodka, MAD is sure to satisfy your urge for warcrust against christ.  Below are MAD's current tour dates, a link to download "2013 North East Crusade" and links to their facebook and bandcamp, where their latest 4 albums are available to stream. Their 7'' EP "A New Hope" is also available for purchase by contacting the band directly through facebook. We anticipate more shows in the future so stay tuned.

Upcoming tour dates: 

Saturday 6/22 - Baltimore, MD @ Dishaus W/ No More Victims 
Sunday 6/23 -  Montclair, NJ @ Meatlocker W/ No More Victims 




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